About The Next Door Market Grocery 

Who Are We? 

Founded by Megan Bell in 2020, The Next Door Market was created with a goal to bring fresher food, healthier options to customers like love purchasing gluten-free, vegan, organic, local farm products options. 



As a mom of three kids, Megan started to realize how important it was to eat healthy, teaching her kids the importance of eating vegetables but understand the difference between process food, and organic food. The community Megan grew up in the next Whole Foods was 5.7 miles away. Eating unhealthy in her family's traditional home seemed to be normal. So she created an amazing business that took off like a rocket during the pandemic. Her passion for food took The Next Door Market to the next level, and being passionate is what The Next Door Market is we care about the foods people consume in their bodies we want to make the world greener and healthier one step at a time. 

What We Do! 

The Next Door Market Mobile Family Owned Grocery Store that connects hungry customers to high-quality and fresh foods. It's built an expansive ,and ever-expanding product inventory to provide customers a time-saving, and safer alternative to physical grocery shop. We have a large variety of vegan, gluten-free, and organic options to choose from ; combining the delectable triumph of having a full cupboard, giving the full experience what organic grocery store brings to each neighborhood we enter. 

Organic Vegetables
Organic Vegetables