Lizzie  All Natural Products Essential Oil

All of our essential oils are pure therapeutic grade and offer various health benefits. 


Lemon: Cleanses the body, clothes, dishes and purifies the air and surfaces. Lemon also promotes a positive mood by refreshing the mind and helping create a positive mindset. It also supports a healthy respiratory function.


Peppermint: Boosts energy, stimulates the mind and helps relieve sore or tight muscles, and good for topical aches and pains & muscle spasms. This essential oil has a calming effect to the mind and body with it's cooling sensation, it also soothes skin and can be used to promote oral health (freshens bad breath). The antimicrobial properties helps sooth various internal problems such as stomach aches and headaches.


Lemongrass: This essential oil can be used as an anti depressant. Helps improve self esteem, build mental health and helps to relieve anxiety along with other emotional disorders. This essential oil is also an anti bacterial and anti microbial which kills bacteria and microbes. Also assists in pain relief and a natural bug repellent.


Lavender: This essential oil offers ultimate relaxation. When added with carrier oils it can be used in hair to promote hair growth, relaxing bath soak, & calms sensitive skin. Lavender improves the quality of sleep and helps relieve stress because it is very soothing. This oil also helps repel bugs and insects. 


Tea Tree: This oil is also known as Melaleuca Essential Oil, it has antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral and stimulating properties. Tea Tree oil helps improve the appearance of blemishes and scars BUT IT MUST be used along with a carrier oil if you are applying it to the face. Also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and helps skin look young and smooth. 


Sweet Orange: This uplifting essential oil helps to eliminate cellulite, reduces inflammation, an antibacterial. It is also good for a dry scalp and helps heal wounds due to its antibacterial and cleansing properties (helps inhibit bacteria and fungal growth).


Eucalyptus: Helps reduce pain along with increase blood circulation when massaged into skin with carrier oil. The anti bacterial properties makes it a great remedy for all types of infections including (but not limited to) respiratory infections, cough & cold etc. Also assists in cooling down the body and relieving muscle fatigue. 


Lizzie All Natural Products Essential Oil

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