This super soft cloth face covering is made from 100% Eco-Friendly cotton that was made in the US. Dye color is sulphur free so your little ones will not be inhaling chemical. 

With 3-D shape and 3-layer cotton with a pocket for a filter, this mask is breathable and highly protective. Over-the-ear straps are made from the same fabric as the mask, gives children more comfort when worn for a long period of time. 

Available in 4 colors; Hibiscus Pink, Chrysanthemum Yellow, Hydrangea Blue and Daisy White 

Mask is 4.5" from nose to chin, 5.5" from mid-section to ear on each side - designed to fit most kids. 

Reusable and washable. 

Care Instructions: Hand wash only, hang dry and reshape. Do not dry in direct sunlight. 

Made in Thailand 

Mata All Natural Face Kids Face Covering/ Each

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