The Next Door Market Flash Box Sale! ONLY$20.00!! 
1. Chelsey Natural Eggs 2. Wheat Bread 3. Pineapple 4. 4 Peaches 5. Banana 6. Kettle Cooked Chips 7. Jams Preserve (Apple butter, Peach, or Grape) 8. 4 apples 9. 4 Oranges10. Milk of Choice (Almond, Plant-based, 2% or Whole milk) 
Only 15 boxes sale ends Friday, June 4, 2021! SAME-DAY DELIVERY!

The Next Door Market Flash Sale Box!

  • The Next Door Market Grocery will prioritize orders placed before the start of each business day, up to same-day delivery. All grocery orders are guaranteed for delivery within two business days following order placement.